Fast Development

  • Both SQL and NoSQL approaches (JSON column type)
  • Minimal code with SQL/JavaScript templates.
  • Not a single unnecessary line of code.

High performance

SQL to JavaScript Streaming :

  • better response time
  • much higher Time To First Byte (TTFB)
  • lower memory consumption

For big data sets, compared to traditional layered architecture.


More then plain REST

Direct JavaScript API with advanced features:

  • progressive loading (show first page immediately while remaining data is loading in background)
  • advanced security: automatic CSRF token, token auto-renewal on session expiration

Java runtime

  • Runs on any Java App Server (jdk7+).
  • Compatible with any JDBC driver
  • Integrates with Spring or JEE architectures.
  • Supports Batch updates, Stored Procedures (in/out parameters), custom JDBC types, JTA, custom SSO/Auth integration... just like any other Java platform

Server-Side JavaScript Debugging !

With IntelliJ, Netbeans or just in browser

(in-browser debugging is for development only, not available in production mode for security reasons)

  • See translated code, set breakpoints, evaluate expressions
  • Trace client-side AND server-side code in the single debugger
  • Transparent JavaScript-to-Java methods invocation with Nashorn (JavaScript of Oracle JVM) syntax. This is useful when calling Java classes from SQL/JavaScript templates