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The gasless blockchain network for enterprises, dApps, and millions of users

LightLink is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions.

  • Building blockchains for enterprises since 2017
  • Over 215,000 unique wallets and growing
  • Top 10 in transaction volume among rollups
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The LL token was launched on April 24, 2024

The token is now available for trading on Bybit, KuCoin,, Uniswap, and Elektrik.

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Discover Web3 with zero gas fees delivered by LightLink’s Enterprise Mode

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LightLink’s key feature

Enterprise Mode enables gasless transactions directly from your Metamask wallet without requiring any other actions.

  1. Devs use Enterprise Mode to activate a contract address whitelist.
  2. Devs pay monthly subscription to subsidise gas fees for whitelisted dApp users.
  3. Users interact with the whitelisted dApp without fees.

Enterprise Mode benefits enterprises, dApps, and users


Predictable, fixed-fee gas subsidy subscription

Pay a fixed fee for up to 50,000 daily transactions, avoiding the volatility of demand-driven fees.

Access to a vast enterprise ecosystem

Tap into an ecosystem of potentially millions of users from LightLink's enterprise partners.

High-throughput transactions without fees

Enjoy seamless, gasless interactions with dApps, without requiring any tokens.
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Up to5,714 TPS
~500 ms
$0.01 per tx

LightLink is a fully EVM-equivalent chain with Celestia underneath

LightLink's proprietary stack and industry-leading infrastructure offer full on-chain advantages, allowing users to experience blockchain's network effects without the technical complexity.

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  • Carbon
  • Grapes
  • Blocklive
  • Elektrik
  • Translucia
  • Mittaria

Ecosystem partners achieved 100,000 daily transactions on Mainnet just in a few months

Enterprise Mode has already discounted over 20 million transactions for partners like Grapes and TallyUP.

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Backed by strong Web2 and Web3 leaders

Our lead investors, T&B Media Global and MQDC, are prominent in Asia's market. T&B Media Global, a leader in entertainment technology and media, is the driving force behind the $300 million Translucia project. MQDC is known for high-profile developments like the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok and IconSiam.

  • T&B Media GlobalLead investor
  • MQDCLead investor
  • B3VInvestor
  • Blue7Investor
  • MH VenturesInvestor
  • NxGenInvestor
  • Gandel InvestInvestor
  • Aweh VenturesInvestor
  • Carbon VenturesInvestor
  • Australian OpenStrategic partner
  • Animoca BrandsStrategic partner
  • RaribleNFT partner
  • CelestiaModular DA
  • Pyth NetworkOracles partner
  • debridgeCross-chain
  • BlockapexSecurity partner
  • Ryan Horn

    Ryan Horn


    Co-Founder of N3ON, Ex Dapio and Binance
  • Mehdi Farooq

    Mehdi Farooq

    Tokenomics Advisor

    Senior Tokenomics Analyst at Animoca Brands
  • Nathan Lenga

    Nathan Lenga


    Ex Zerocap

We have been building blockchain solutions since 2017

LightLink is developed by Pellar Technology, a team of entrepreneurs and engineers who have built over 50 blockchain projects for major APAC enterprises since 2017.

Roy Hui

Roy Hui

Co-Founder, CEO

With over two decades of engineering experience, Roy has founded and exited firms like MMGN, Market Engine, and media ventures AutoCult and SheSaid. His passion for blockchain started when he first purchased Bitcoin in 2012.

Olivia Romero

Olivia Romero

Co-Founder, COO

Olivia’s finance and accounting career started at The Boston Consulting Group. She has worked in digital transformation with Publicis Sapient, Open Markets Group and co founded Market Engine, which was later significantly acquired by Royal Mail.

Daniel Enright

Daniel Enright

Ecosystem Lead

Dan started at Atari Melbourne House in 2006 and later worked at National Australia Bank for three years. His recent experience running his own Web3 infrastructure business puts him in an ideal position to develop Web3 ecosystems.

Kurt Grumelart

Kurt Grumelart

Foundation Lead

Kurt, formerly with Zerocap, rose from Research Analyst to Special Projects Lead, overseeing diverse blockchain projects with institutional partners like ANZ's stablecoin, ASX's Synfini platform, and the RBA's CBDC pilot.

Vlad Likhuta

Vlad Likhuta

Growth Lead

Vlad, with 8 years in the blockchain sector, has worked across L1 blockchains, major staking providers, lending & infrastructure startups, and media companies. He formerly spearheaded Growth & Marketing at Everstake.

Kasey Robinson

Kasey Robinson

Community Manager

Kasey, known as bitpixi.eth in Web3 communities, has over 10 years of experience in design and community management. Her previous roles span across startups, Minted, Meitu, and Gfycat, all based in the Bay Area, California. Most recently, she worked as the Community Manager at Voxels, a virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain.

Atlas Arman

Atlas Arman

Business Development Manager

Atlas is an ambitious entrepreneur who began his career 15 years ago as a Marketing Manager at major multinational companies, including Grey Group, Qualcomm, and Intel Corporation. For the past three years, he has been working in Business Development Management for metaverse and fashion-tech Web3 startups.

Daniel Hayden

Daniel Hayden

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Daniel is an entrepreneur and qualified software engineer with over 15 years of experience in building production-ready scalable applications. Daniel has experience working as a software engineer with large-scale multinational companies such as Dell Technologies and Alchemy.

Kassius Barker

Kassius Barker

Core Developer

Kass is a seasoned dev with over 8 years of experience in Web3. He is OG BTC community, founder of the Blockchain Developers Club with 3,000+ members at its peak, and author of blockchain development tutorials with 500,000+ reads.

Shayne Brady

Shayne Brady

Senior Web3 Engineer

Shayne, with more than 9 years of experience in software engineering, has built a robust foundation in full-stack development. He has contributed to Linktree. Since 2020, Shayne has been focusing on EVM protocols, crafting custom ERC20 contracts, developing NFT applications, and creating staking and yield farming solutions.

Tokenomics for a sustainable community and ecosystem

Starting with our private Mainnet launch in January 2023, we are embarking on a mission dedicated to the long-term growth of the LightLink ecosystem.

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  • 2017-2022

    • Digital wallet and anchor tech developed
    • Blockchain and token contract audits completed
    • Investment bank and APAC partnerships
  • Q1 2023

    • Testnet live
    • Private Mainnet live
    • The Red Village migrated
  • Q2 2023

    • Testnet Bridge launched
    • Tridentity migrated
    • Translucia Metaverse launched
  • Q3 2023

    • Mainnet Bridge launched
    • Public Mainnet live
    • Elektrik AMM v1 live
  • Q4 2023

    • Airdrop Phase 1 commenced
    • APAC Hackathon organized
    • Celestia and Pyth Network integration (Testnet)
  • Q1 and Q2 2024

    • Multichain support
    • TGE and validator program
    • Airdrop Phase 2 and Phase 3
  • Q3 and Q4 2024

    • LightLink DAO governance
    • Sequencer decentralization
    • Additional DA exploration

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Join our 200,000+ member community

In less than 6 months, we have expanded our community from zero to over 200,000 users. Come and be a part of our growing gas-free Web3 ecosystem and community!

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