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Build on LightLink to potentially reach millions from our enterprise partnerships

LightLink is a fully EVM-equivalent chain with Celestia underneath. Our proprietary stack and industry-leading infrastructure offer full on-chain advantages, allowing users to experience blockchain's network effects without the technical complexity.

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Meet Enterprise Mode:
'tx.gasPrice = 0'

Enterprise Mode provides a predictable, fixed-fee subscription model for managing gas fees that enables users to experience instant, high-throughput transactions at no cost. It makes sophisticated DeFi and high-computation dApps like SocialFi and GameFi possible, and lets your users make gasless transactions from their Metamask wallet without requiring any tokens.

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Major Web3 companies benefit from our gasless ecosystem

LightLink offers developers a less saturated liquidity space and the unique opportunity to scale dApps in a zero gas fee environment, while maintaining connectivity with the vast Ethereum ecosystem for broader reach and integration.

  • MittariaMetaverse


    Mittaria is a Web3 metaverse enabling creators in animation, music, movies, and fashion to collaborate, co-own, and create. It is backed by T&B Media Global and promotes a shared creative ecosystem.

  • The Red VillageWeb3 Games

    The Red Village

    The Red Village, a dark fantasy metaverse game with team-based combat mechanics, migrated to LightLink to reduce transaction fees, enhance the user experience with improved throughput, and simplify onboarding through gasless transactions.

  • TransluciaMetaverse


    Translucia, a Multiverse Convergence initiative, accelerates traditional businesses' entry into Web3 by integrating third-party metaverses. With a $300 million investment from T&B Media Global, this project aims to unify the digital and physical business worlds.


Participate in gasless hackathons and grow with LightLink from the start

Partnering with leading Web3 dev organizations, we host hackathons with bounties to nurture a variety of proof of concept projects. The most promising can become flagships of DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi on LightLink.

Start building on LightLink

From connecting your wallet and obtaining Testnet tokens, to activating Enterprise mode, connecting to an Oracle, and deploying a contract – we have got you covered. Dive deep into our documentation or reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions.