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LightLink Token

The LL token is key to LightLink's growth, serving both as a medium of exchange and governance tool. Its well-structured distribution incentivizes community engagement and ensures ecosystem stability.

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LightLink utility

  • Central role in ecosystem

    The LL token is crucial in LightLink's ecosystem, serving as a versatile medium of exchange. It's accepted in the treasury for fees, enhancing its demand and value within the platform.

  • Governance rights for holders

    LL token holders can directly influence LightLink's operational decisions and success. They have a say in how the product is developed, marketing strategies, and token buybacks.

  • Enhancing platform growth

    The LL token, integral to LightLink's growth, is reinvested from treasury funds to develop the platform. Its deployment in user quests increases its practicality, utility, and demand.

  • Tangible benefits and rewards

    Holding or staking LL offers benefits like transaction fee discounts, stimulating activity in the ecosystem. The token also serves as a reward for protocols on the LightLink chain, promoting competition and innovation.

Validator program

LightLink's open-source validator program, with LL tokens at its core, aims to democratize network reliability and transparency. It is exploring additional rewards to attract diverse validators and strengthen network security.

  • To participate as a validator, individuals must purchase a Validator NFT using LL tokens, which acts as a license for validation rights. This requirement ensures validators have a vested interest in the network's health.
  • Validators are rewarded with LL tokens for their contribution to block validation, aligning their interests with the network's integrity. Additionally, a delay in issuing rewards ensures long-term commitment and prevents system abuse.
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LightLink token distribution and vesting schedule

AllocationPercentageTotal tokensInitial Unlock (%)Lock-Up (Months)Vesting (Months)
Private Seed Raise VC14%140m01218
LightLink Team14%140m01518
Token Generation Event6%60mVariable0Variable
Ecosystem Growth Fund40%400m2060
Staking Reserve10%100m0660
Liquidity-Market Making5%50m50012

Token distribution

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Token vesting schedule

Vesting graph
  • Advisors
  • LightLink Team
  • Airdrop
  • Token Generation Event
  • Private Seed Raise VC
  • Staking Reserve
  • Market Making Reserve
  • Ecosystem Growth Fund

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