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Building the Future

The LightLink Foundation is dedicated to revolutionising industries through blockchain technology.

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Advancing blockchain innovation and adoption

The LightLink Foundation is dedicated to advancing the potential of blockchain technology by fostering innovation, driving adoption, and promoting collaboration among industry leaders. With a strong focus on scalability, security, and real-world use cases, we aim to unlock new economic models and revolutionise various sectors including gaming, finance, enterprise applications, public transport, and more

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Empowering transformation through blockchain

The LightLink Foundation is dedicated to supporting and promoting key projects and initiatives that drive innovation and create positive global impact

  • Driving innovation and impact

    We actively collaborate with partners to drive innovation and create positive impact through our supported projects and initiatives

  • Creating opportunities for growth

    By providing resources and expertise, we enable projects to thrive and create opportunities to define their industry

  • Collaboration and partnership

    We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships to foster innovation and drive positive change

How we support blockchain projects

  • Empowering the community

    The LightLink Foundation provides a range of services and support to the community and ecosystem. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to leverage the power of blockchain technology for their needs

    From technical assistance and funding opportunities to in-person events like hackathons, the Foundation is committed to fostering and supporting community.

  • Grant opportunities

    At LightLink, we believe in the importance of opportunity. We offer a variety of grants to support and accelerate projects that align with our mission. These grants can range from seed funding for new projects to development grants for integrating with our blockchain. Our goal is to provide resources and funding for innovative ideas that can help advance the use of blockchain technology.

  • Technical assistance

    Need help with implementing blockchain solutions? The LightLink Foundation is here to assist you. Our technical solutions partner Pellar Technology can provide guidance on architecture design, smart contract development, and security best practices. We are committed and use Discord support tickets to ensure that your blockchain projects are successful and secure

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LightLink Foundation Grants Program

Join us in making a positive impact

Every quarter, the Foundation opens its doors to a selection of promising companies in the blockchain infrastructure and application space. Companies that believe their product provides a unique solution to a problem faced by the Lightlink Network can apply for milestone based funding to support their implementation

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