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LightLink Launches First Hackathon in APAC: Gasless GameStorm Hackathon

In partnership with Moonshot Commons, a global Web3 founder community, LightLink is launching its first-ever hackathon in the APAC region!

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In partnership with Moonshot Commons, a global Web3 founder community, LightLink is launching its first-ever hackathon in the APAC region! Since September 2023, we have attracted 60,000 users conducting 100,000 daily transactions, and are ready to grow even more.

Developers are invited to build GameFi projects, benefiting from zero gas fees and potential access to millions of users through LightLink’s enterprise partners.

Hackathon Goals

Since 2018, LightLink's team has been developing blockchain-based solutions for major enterprises in the APAC region. The team decided to launch its own L2 blockchain on a proprietary stack to address the main Web3 onboarding problem — gas fees.

LightLink’s Enterprise Mode allows dApps and enterprises to set their transactions’ gas price to zero. In essence, tx.gasPrice = 0. This mechanism makes it much easier to onboard users, as they don't need to hold ETH in their wallets to interact with the dApp.

While our enterprise partners utilize LightLink as a value transfer and data storage layer for their blockchain-powered dApps and use cases, we are dedicated to building an ecosystem for their users. To expand this ecosystem, we have announced a hackathon to attract more GameFi projects and innovative ideas to LightLink.

We launched our Mainnet in October 2023 and have already attracted 60,000 users from the EU, US, and Australia, who are making 100,000 transactions daily. This success is largely thanks to our easy onboarding process and zero fees with Enterprise Mode. With more amazing projects built during the hackathon, we aim to surpass 100,000 active users, increase overall activity, and create an entertainment-focused blockchain that offers the simplest onboarding process.

APAC Hackathon Details

We believe that gaming is one of the most promising use cases for the Web3 ecosystem, which is why we decided to structure our first hackathon around GameFi. We aim to appeal to the gamer audience by offering gasless fees and unique opportunities that only an on-chain economy can provide.

The appeal of our Enterprise Mode is shown by The Red Village, a dark fantasy metaverse game featuring team-based combat mechanics. This project has migrated to LightLink to reduce transaction fees, enhance the user experience with improved throughput, and simplify onboarding through gasless transactions. Discover more examples of what you can use and build on LightLink in our documentation.

The LightLink hackathon offers three kinds of prizes:

Our Web3 development partner, Moonshot Commons, will be hosting a virtual hackathon and also helping us host a Hacker House in Chengdu during the event. This venue will accommodate up to 15 developers. It will be exciting to see LightLink builders connect in real life for the very first time!

The registration for the LightLink APAC Hackathon opens on December 13th. The hackathon will start on December 18th and continue until January 5th. The LightLink team will host workshops and provide developers with support on its Discord.

The tracks are as follows:

The judges, comprising VCs and engineers, will evaluate the projects based on three criteria: functionality, technical implementation quality, and presentation and scalability.

On January 5th, LightLink will host a Demo Day for the 10 best projects in partnership with firms like HashKey Capital, Bytetrade Lab, SevenX Ventures, and Hash Global. This event will provide hackathon participants with opportunities to secure further support for their Mainnet launch.

Additionally, partners like AWS, Quicknode, and Chainbase are offering over $100,000 in credits to the developers.

Hackathons are not just entertaining, but also provide a platform for talented developers to experiment with technology and seamlessly integrate into the emerging blockchain ecosystem. The hackathon we are conducting with Moonshot Commons in the APAC region is our first, but there will be more in the future. We intend to make this a regular practice.

Join the LightLink Hackathon and become part of an ecosystem where liquidity and the user base aren't yet dominated by major projects. Benefit from zero gas fees while still connecting to the broader Ethereum ecosystem. Leverage gasless transactions and the latest Web3 UX trends to create dApps with Web3 capabilities and a Web2 user experience, achieving what was previously thought impossible just a year ago.

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