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Aetherian Program: LL Rewards for Active Community Members

Launching the Aetherian Program. Generous LL rewards for active community members.

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You matter to us here at LightLink. Community is everything in Web3. So, we want you to keep adding to your LL stake. Because a lot more growth is coming for us! And we don’t want you to miss out. 

That’s why we’re launching the Aetherian Program.

How You Benefit

With this program, you, as an active Telegram and Discord community member, get rewards in LL for your valuable contributions to the ecosystem.

  1. Chatting with fellow community members.
  2. Creating memes (oh, we love memes).
  3. Writing threads on X (we might RT you and help you grow).
  4. Join Discord events, such as Poker Night and more.

Let’s hear your ideas too. Tag @creepy_oliver on Discord and on Telegram in your pitch.

With these kinds of activities, you can earn LightLink Points (LLP). After collecting 1,500 LLP you can exchange them for LL tokens on a 1:1 basis.

Your accumulated LLP never expires! That said, it burns if you leave the Discord server. So don’t leave the LightLink Discord.

How to Earn LLP

To earn LLP, it’s quite easy! Just be active in the LightLink Telegram, Discord, and X (Twitter) communities.

Here are your rewards!

Action Rewards
Substantive messages in #general chat on Discord or LightLink Telegram channel (40 characters or longer, not just GM or meaningless messages) 10 LLP per message
Mention $LL on CoinMarketCap, up to 4 posts per month 20 LLP per post
Mention @LightLinkChain and $LL on Twitter, up to 4 posts per month 50 LLP per post
Create a high-quality meme about LightLink and share it in any of our communities 100 LLP per meme
Join Discord and Telegram events 100 LLP per activity
Be active on Discord and Telegram events: play, joke, chat, etc 200 LLP per activity
Write a thread or long read on X (Twitter) about LightLink and share it with the Telegram or Discord community. These must provide useful information about LightLink, and have engaging language and visuals. Up to 4 threads or long reads per month 300 LLP per thread or longread

Please, note that the monthly LLP prize pool is capped at $4,000 in LL tokens, with additional rewards available each new calendar month.

Extra Rewards for our Most Active Members

The most active members might also earn extra rewards:

Action Rewards
Top 5 members by number of messages From 100 to 500 LLP depending on the position
Top 5 members by likes on threads or longreads on X (Twitter) From 100 to 500 LLP depending on the position
Completed tasks from the community manager From 100 to 1,000 LLP depending on task

In case of program abuse by any means the guilty user will be permanently excluded from the program.

Rank Up and Earn Even More!

For meeting the criteria, you can improve your rank and get a multiplier for LLP rewards.  

Level Terms Perks
Verified Join the community Opportunity to earn
Luminary Own Luminaries NFT Private Discord chat for Luminaries and a 1.2x multiplier
Aetherian Collect 10,000 LLP without withdrawing Private Discord chat for Aetherians and a 1.5x multiplier
Ambassador TBA Exclusive LightLink Insiders chat and 2x multiplier

Multipliers don't stack, so if you hold a Luminary NFT and have reached the Aetherian level, your LLP multiplier will be 1.5x. 

As an Aetherian, you can withdraw your 10,000 LLP after claiming the level and multiplier. Then you need to earn at least 2,000 LLP per month to keep your perks.

How to Check Your Earned LLP

Discord: go to the #check-stats channel on Discord and use the /points command.

Telegram: check the leaderboard on a table or wait for the community manager's digest.

How to Exchange LLP for LL

Be sure you've collected 1,500 or more LLP, then go to the #withdrawals channel on LightLink Discord and follow the instructions. You have to withdraw LLP on Discord even if you earned LLP only in Telegram.

The LLP you asked to withdraw will be burned and you’ll receive that same exact amount of LL token. Withdrawals are processed once per month in bulk for all members who asked for withdrawal before this date. We’ll announce the date soon.

Rewards Calculation Example

How might your rewards look? Take, for example, Alice, who is active on LightLink’s Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Here’s how she is contributing to the LightLink mission:

  1. Posted 350 messages in Telegram and Discord in a month — 3500 LLP
  2. Created and published 5 LightLink memes — 500 LLP
  3. Participated in 8 events — 800 LLP
  4. In 4 of them, she was active, spoke in voice chat, texted and helped other users — 800 LLP
  5. Wrote 2 cool X threads about LightLink with visuals — 600 LLP

In total, Alice earned 6,200 LLP. She can exchange that on a 1:1 basis for LL right away. 

Or, she can hold her LLP and earn an additional 3,800 or more next month. Once she has 10,000 LLP, she can attain the rank of Aetherian and exchange her LLP for LL with a 1.5x multiplier.

Now, her original 6,200 LLP would be worth 9,300 $LL! And her 10,000+ LLP is worth even more.

Alice is really growing her stake as a co-owner of the LL network, huh? And you can, too.

Current Aetherians get 10,000 LL

To thank our current Discord Aetherian members, we’ll preserve your status with a 1.5x multiplier and present you a one-time reward — 10,000 LL!

You mean everything to us. We view you, and indeed our whole community, as co-owners of the LightLink network. So let’s keep building together.

Be sure that a lot of other cool stuff for you is coming soon!

Let’s Go!

Start being active in the LightLink community channels and see how your LLP stack grows!

This program launches now so you can start earning LLP right away.

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