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Week 3 of Community Airdrop Phase 2 Has Started

Join us for Week 3 of our Community Airdrop Phase 2, as we focus on NFTs by Metakey, Weebox, Mittaria, and Mocaverse. Participate in our Discord family, verify your NFT holdings, and earn loyalty points in this exciting phase of our airdrop campaign.

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We are excited to announce the start of Week 3 of our Community Airdrop Phase 2. During the first two weeks, over 30,000 participants joined our campaigns on Galxe. They bridged assets, experimented with gasless swaps, claimed SPACE ID domains, and more.

This week, we turn our attention to NFTs by Metakey, Weebox, Mittaria, and Mocaverse. We would be honored if their holders joined our family on Discord, hence the campaign is called "Part of the LightLink Family."

If you are holding NFTs from Metakey, Weebox, Mittaria, or Mocaverse, head to our Galxe page and follow the instructions. You will need to verify your holdings via our Discord, and then you will be able to receive a role and claim up to 100 loyalty points on Galxe.

Eligible Collections

The list of eligible collections along with the breakdown of loyalty points is below.

About Community Airdrop Phase 2

Over 50,000 users have completed the Proof of Humanity campaign and participated in our Community Airdrop Phase 1, with 8,110 people eligible for allocations.

Given the positive sentiment in our community regarding Phase 1 allocations, many still wished to participate further or receive an additional allocation. As the community is our top priority, the LightLink Community Airdrop continues with Phase 2 and weekly tasks with rewards in loyalty points.

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