Animoca Brands Plugs Into LightLink Delivering Web3 Gaming UX to Web2 Users

LightLink teams up with Animoca Brands to unlock Web3 gaming for new Web2 users by delivering instant, on-chain gasless transactions, removing token requirments and delivering a seamless UX with its Ethereum L2 proprietary stack.

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LightLink, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Animoca Brands, a frontrunner in advancing digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse. 

This collaboration marks a significant leap for Web3 gaming experiences, integrating LightLink’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology into Animoca Brands' diverse project portfolio. Our joint effort is focused on delivering gasless on-chain transactions, streamlining user interaction within the blockchain environment, and reinforcing our commitment to a frictionless Web3 gaming world.

LightLink’s integration of Celestia and optimistic rollups in its proprietary stack not only achieves full EVM compatibility but also removes the prerequisite token ownership and mandatory gas fees that typically discourage new users from accessing blockchain technology. The integration of LightLink into Animoca Brands’ projects will provide a seamless and enriched gaming experience. LightLink has already established a strong presence in the market, being integral to over 25 partnerships, including notable projects like Grapes, The Red Village, and the ambitious $300 million Translucia venture backed by MQDC and T&B Media Global.

Roy Hui, our Co-Founder and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with an industry leader like Animoca Brands.

Partnering with an industry leader like Animoca Brands marks a pivotal moment for us. Our shared vision of making blockchain technology universally accessible and user-friendly is at the core of this collaboration.

Yat Siu of Animoca Brands echoed this sentiment.

LightLink's innovative approach to gasless transactions is a significant step towards a more interconnected and frictionless Web3 world, aligning perfectly with our collective goal to democratize the digital landscape.

LightLink allows businesses to subscribe their applications to operate gas-free, enabling users to participate in a public blockchain ecosystem without owning any tokens or having to pay any gas fees. The partnership will facilitate Animoca Brands’ projects and portfolio companies to offer their users a robust Web3 experience with no friction and minimal complexity.

Together, Animoca Brands and LightLink aim to foster a more interconnected economy, bridging dApps with millions of users from enterprise partners and accelerating blockchain’s mainstream adoption.

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