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Community Airdrop Phase 1 Claim Details Announced

We will open the Community Airdrop Phase 1 claim for the top rankers at 10:00 UTC on April 23.

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While our LBP on Fjord Foundry is still underway, we're pleased to announce that we will open the Community Airdrop Phase 1 claim for eligible participants at 10:00 UTC on April 23.

The claim will be available on the Beacon page of our website.

Below are more details about how the claim will work.

Token Vesting and NFT Sales

A unique aspect of this airdrop is it is container technology. While 20% of the LL tokens are credited to your wallet immediately, the remaining 80% are vested via an NFT. This means if you decide to sell or buy NFTs early, the vested LL tokens go with it, transferring the potential for future value to the new owner.

Trading Your NFTs

After claiming and minting your NFTs, they become tradable via our special partnership with RaribleX marketplace. On this platform, you can list, buy, and sell using LL. Additionally, WETH (wrapped ETH) can be used for making offers or bids on NFTs whether they are listed or not listed, leveraging its standardized auction mechanics.

Artistic and Lore Inspiration

"The Luminaries" collection came to life through the artistic vision of Nao Shimats, a talented artist from Japan who hand-drew each character's traits and wrote the original backstory.

The adventure features three unique species: Humans, Luminans, and Luminaries, or collectively, "Lumina".

Bitpixi extended the story into "Luminary Lore" with accompanying AI-collab art, and made custom metaverse hangouts in Hyperfy and Nifty Island to hopefully elevate your unique NFT's meaning and sense of identity.

Please feel free to write fan fics, make art, or create other projects that are based on this universe. We would love to see what you do!

Claiming Process on Different Networks

Step-by-Step Claim Guide

We have prepared a step-by-step guide with images in 13 short steps on how to choose a vesting schedule, claim the tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet, and then claim the NFT on the LightLink Mainnet.

Claiming your Tokens and NFT Guide

  1. Navigate to our Beacon page.
  2. Connect your wallet, and ensure it is the same wallet that you used to complete the Galxe tasks.
  1. Click the tab "Phase 1".
  1. Check if you were eligible for the Airdrop and/or the Luminary PFP.
  1. Select your vesting period. You will see the allocation change based on the vesting time you choose. The longer you vest, the more tokens you receive. Tokens can be withdrawn only after the number of days you choose has concluded.
  1. Click "Vest and claim tokens" after you have made your choice.
  1. Read the Terms and Conditions, then click "Accept" if you agree.
  1. MetaMask (or the wallet you are using) should pop up. It might ask you to "Switch network" to the L1 Ethereum Mainnet if you are not already on it.
  1. In your wallet, it will prompt you to pay L1 Ethereum gas fee for the tokens. You can check the gas tracker on Etherscan to see if it is a suitable time to claim. Please note that you must claim your tokens before you can claim the NFT.
  1. After claiming your tokens, you can add the token to your Metamask wallet by clicking on the link provided, so that you can easily view them in your wallet.
  1. You can now mint your vesting NFT, so you will need to "Switch network" to LightLink Mainnet.
  1. Click "Claim NFT" and Approve the mint transaction. You do not need any ETH on LightLink to mint the NFT, as the contracts are gasless!
  1. Click "See your NFT" and it will bring you to the RaribleX collection page to see what you got! Show off your well-earned piece of blockchain history. Your NFT is immediately tradable, but please note – tokens vesting inside are connected to the NFT, so if you sell or buy early, the tokens will travel with the NFT.

Tip: If you're considering purchasing more a year from now, make sure to check the metadata to see whether tokens have been withdrawn from the NFT.


With your wallets prepared and all process details at your fingertips, you are set for a successful Community Airdrop Phase 1 claim on Beacon.

Phase 2 is still underway, and there will also be a Phase 3. We hope you continue to support our ecosystem projects, participate in community activities, and contribute to the advancements that we are bringing to the blockchain space.

Thank you for representing us, being a part of our community, and happy claiming!

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