LightLink Community Airdrop Unveils TGE Unlock and NFTs

LightLink's TGE is near, offering Phase 1 Airdrop participants 20% of their LL tokens and choices for extended vesting for more rewards. We also introduce the Luminary NFT Collection, celebrating our community's support with unique digital assets that signify your invaluable role in our growth.

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As we approach the LightLink (LL) Token Generation Event now is a good time to provide an update to our loyal community who took part in Phase 1 of the Community Airdrop Program.

We know you're excited to know what lays in store for your efforts and how your Galxe Loyalty points will translate to LL tokens both in the near term and future.

LL Unlocked at TGE

We're pleased to announce that all of you will be receiving 20% of your allocation on the date of our TGE, so that you can begin to explore the utility these provide in our ecosystem. As for just how many tokens that will be that will be up to you, let us explain.

Originally we had intended to vest all tokens for a period of 3 months from the point of TGE for airdrop recipients, however we decided that it is only fair to reward those who had supported us from our earliest days. We will let you decide how committed you are to the network and how long you wish to hold the remainder of your allocation.

Upon claim of your token allocation you will have the opportunity to choose a longer vesting term than the standard 90 days in order to increase the total number of tokens you will receive. We will be updating the Beacon to allow you to select your vesting term and see the reflection this has on your allocation.

At TGE you will be able to claim your liquid LL tokens and lock in your vesting period selection.

Vesting interface

All qualified Phase 1 participants will return at a later date to mint their NFT, which will either be a part of our Luminaries PFP collection or a separate collection, according to whether you are in the top 2500 or 7500 of participants.

All NFT's will hold the remainder of their vested tokens and each have metadata to reflect the vesting terms and token amounts. The Luminary collection will have their appearance and traits reflect a rarity according to the total number of tokens vested.

LightLink's Luminary NFT collection

We see this as a nod of appreciation to those who have shown their dedication to us both in the past and going forward to LightLink and hope they'll display their Luminary with pride.

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