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LightLink Early Adopters: Meet JAVI, Leaderboard Champion

Over 50,000 joined LightLink's Community Airdrop Phase 1, with top community members leading the way. We're spotlighting our active early supporters, kicking off with an interview with JAVI, the leaderboard winner.

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LightLink Community Airdrop Phase 1 attracted over 50,000 participants who explored and engaged with LightLink. Among them, a few dedicated community members accumulated the most points and claimed the top spots on the leaderboard.

We at LightLink are thrilled to have such an amazing community. To celebrate, we are spotlighting our most active early supporters in a series of interviews. Kicking things off is JAVI, who secured first place on the leaderboard. Here's his story.

JAVI: An Electrician with a Passion for Web3

JAVI earns his living installing electrical and electronic machinery in the industrial sector. Until the end of 2021, he only knew about Bitcoin. Then, a post about some tokens caught his eye, sparking his interest in Web3.

My entry into crypto was a serendipitous event—a fantastic coincidence.

He began participating in various reward campaigns to learn and earn. Soon, he transitioned from manually searching for projects to following influencers like Chung, Crypto Fundraising, and Fundraising Digest, and exploring their recommended projects. Javi focused on projects whose purpose he understood and believed were in demand.

JAVI discovered LightLink on Twitter when the project was in its infancy. He was captivated by our roadmap, which included plans to partner with enterprises and offer LightLink infrastructure to millions of customers.

When I read the initial roadmap, I was particularly intrigued by LightLink’s intention to partner with enterprises. It signaled to me that they aimed to expand beyond the crypto sector. Reading that was what sparked my interest in LightLink.

He was particularly impressed by the Enterprise Mode, which he believes sets LightLink apart from other Layer 2 solutions by eliminating the need to pay transaction fees.

I was pleasantly surprised to see gasless swaps during phase 2 of the airdrop, and many people I know were impressed by the Enterprise Mode too.

Post-TGE, JAVI plans to keep 20% of his tokens unlocked and vest the remaining 80% for 360 days to maximize his LightLink holdings. However, he's not in a rush to sell. JAVI is excited about the LightLink validator program and other upcoming initiatives. He believes that LightLink will become a major project with influence that extends beyond the crypto sector.

JAVI also shared some advice for those looking to participate in Phase 2:

I have noticed that newcomers are eager to take on more tasks, and I can understand why, considering we are accustomed to projects assigning us numerous tasks on Galxe. My advice is to enjoy the journey and not to become overwhelmed.

Stay Tuned for More Community Interviews

The LightLink team is delighted to see that the Community Airdrop is attracting passionate evangelists like JAVI who share our vision of solving real-world problems with gasless transactions.

We deeply appreciate the support of our cherished community and will continue to share these interviews to get to know you better! Stay tuned for more.

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