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LightLink is Live on Celestia’s Mainnet

LightLink is live on Celestia's Mainnet! With Celestia underneath ✨, we're able to cut down on storage costs and boost security as we progress toward 10k TPS.

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LightLink's Hummingbird client has launched on Celestia's Mainnet, enhancing scalability and reducing transaction fees on LightLink's path toward 10,000 TPS.

Hummingbird ensures data availability for LightLink on Ethereum. It is a light client that publishes L2 data to Celestia DA and validates block headers on Ethereum.

This implementation marks a step towards utilizing Celestia as a modular data availability layer to ensure transaction reliability and cut the costs of storing L2 data.

LightLink is currently one of the heaviest Celestia's Testnet users, uploading 18.9 GB of data which accounts for 84.5% of total Testnet storage. Despite this heavy usage, LightLink's costs are 69% lower than other L2s. This is due to LightLink's aggressive fee structure alongside Celestia's algorithm, seeking the lowest fee possible and then gradually increasing it until the best outcome is achieved.

Roy Hui, our Co-Founder and CEO, has outlined the importance of the Mainnet integration:

Integrating Celestia reduces storage costs and enhances security—a strategic move on our path to achieving 10,000 TPS. Using Celestia for our data availability layer will lower costs compared to Ethereum, allowing us to provide these cost savings to end users in the form of lower transaction fees. The outcome is a faster, more reliable blockchain platform that is easier and more accessible, while also addressing the higher gas fees typically required to benefit from Layer 1 protocols.

The LightLink team is excited about leveraging Celestia and plans to integrate Blobstream into Hummingbird. This will allow validators to challenge the LightLink L1 contract and verify data availability.

Discover more about Hummingbird and its advantages in our protocol deep dive.

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