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LightLink x TallyUP! Levitation Tournament: Your Winning Guide

Join our LightLink Levitation tournament with TallyUP! for a chance to win from a $10,000 prize pool in LL tokens! No participant limit, be the last man standing to win big. Follow our guide, install TallyUP!, and start competing.

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We recently announced the LightLink Levitation Tournament in partnership with TallyUP!, featuring a prize pool of $10,000 in LL tokens.

Over 1,500 have joined the tournament, and there is no limit on participants — everyone has a chance to win up to $5,000.

Just follow our guide and be the last man standing!

Install and Explore TallyUP!

Go to the TallyUP! website from a smartphone and click the link. Install and open the app.

Create a new account with a method that suits you and pick a username. The colorful monkey will guide you through the interface. Just click through.

Play four games below to progress to the next stage of the tournament. Each game offers a unique challenge that will test your strategy and skills.

To unlock each game, you must win three times in the previously unlocked ones. It might take 15-20 minutes and bring you a lot of fun.

  1. Magnets: Charge the magnet in such a way that you collect 10 coins before your opponent does. You can use one charge only once, so strategize wisely to outsmart your rival.
  2. Crystal Caverns: Mine coins while your opponent tries to steal them, then switch sides. The first to collect 10 coins wins, with the only winning strategy being to outsmart your opponent.
  3. Monkey Business: Choose how much water to fire to climb the tree faster and grab the coins. The first to collect 10 coins wins.
  4. Blasteroids: Choose how far you want to fly — zero, one, or two spaces forward. Be careful, as your opponent can also control the flight's length. The starship mines coins from the asteroid where it stops. If you can't predict your opponent, you'll be mining coins for them.

Go to the Event page and choose LightLink Levitation. Pass a simple quiz about LightLink and stay on the page — your round will start soon.

There you will have to compete with another opponent. Unlike regular games, you and your opponent have 18 hours to make a move — this is made so no one loses just because of a lack of free time at the moment.

In this Join Stage, win five rounds to secure a place in the Knockout Stage. The Join Stage will end on March 14, so hurry up!

Claim Your Rewards and Earn Points on Galxe

The top winner gets $5,000, second place earns $500, and the next 126 players will divide the remaining $4,500. The Levitation Tournament will end in April, with all prizes distributed in LL tokens.

Remember, all participants can join our Community Airdrop Phase 2 Side Quests. Just read this guide, enter the tournament, and claim points on Galxe.

Have a great game and may the best player win!

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