LightLink's $4.5M Seed Funding Rallys Web2 and Web3 Support

LightLink secures a $4.5M seed funding from top Web2 and Web3 investors signaling diverse market confidence in our Ethereum Layer 2 solution delivering instant, gasless transactions and a user-friendly blockchain experience to millions.

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We are excited to announce that LightLink has secured $4.5 million in seed funding from a mix of investors from both Web2 and Web3. The round was led by major Web2 firms in the APAC region including MQDC and T&B Media Global, and featured Web3 VC’s Blue7, JellyC, B3V, Aweh Ventures, Organik, Big Kid Ventures, and Gandel Invest. The diverse funding round shows the wide-ranging support for our vision to simplify blockchain technology for everyday use and bring it to millions of new users.

LightLink is tackling the critical barrier to mass blockchain adoption: the complexity and cost of operations for users — and we’re doing it through instant, gasless transactions.

The development of LightLink by Pellar Technologies gives us an edge. At LightLink, the Pellar team's extensive experience in blockchain development is laser focused on improving transaction speeds and cost efficiency. Our proprietary tech stack, with optimistic rollups and Celestia underneath, not only enhances user experience by reducing wait times and eliminating gas fees but easily handles high transaction volumes.

Roy Hui, our Co-Founder and CEO is leading the charge.

Our aim is to bridge the digital economy with millions of users across the globe. The funding we've received enhances our focus on making blockchain as intuitive as traditional web platforms, with an emphasis on gasless transactions.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand) and founder of Translucia, also expressed his excitement.

This collaboration is an ideal alignment, driven by our mutual goal to establish an interconnected, user-friendly digital world that shares happiness to the world. We're excited to introduce Web2 users to the capabilities of Web3 and firmly believe that this is a significant step towards democratizing digital technology.

Investments from both the Web2 and Web3 sectors mean LightLink's potential to bridge the gap between traditional internet users and the emerging digital economy is gaining traction. The combined support from traditional and blockchain-focused investors highlights the growing interest in technologies that can integrate seamlessly into existing digital frameworks while offering the benefits of blockchain's security and transparency to users.

The strategic partnerships we are forming, including the collaboration with Animoca Brands, are helping us fulfill our commitment to expanding LightLink's applications beyond just transactional capabilities. By integrating with gaming projects, LightLink sets the stage for a broader adoption of blockchain, where users can enjoy a frictionless digital experience without being bogged down by technical complexities or financial barriers.

LightLink's seed funding is not just a financial boost but a validation of our approach to making blockchain technology accessible and practical for a wider audience. As we move forward, our focus will be to leverage this investment to further refine our network, ensuring that blockchain can become as intuitive and integrated into our digital lives as the internet is today.

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