LightLink x The Red Village Tournament

LightLink has paired up with partner The Red Village to host a tournament series for our Community Airdrop Campaign participants.

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LightLink has paired up with partner The Red Village to host a tournament series for our Community Airdrop Campaign participants.

Taking part in the event will be an experience totally facilitated on LightLink network, where you will mint a champion and then take part in a week-long event in which there are USDT prizes up for grabs!

This Galxe campaign is entirely FREE. While it takes place on Phoenix mainnet no funds are required.

Better still, there will be no costs involved at all to take part. There is no mint or transaction fees at all, the game will operate without the need to pay gas so you can even play without having bridged any funds to Mainnet!

How to join in

Ensure that your wallet is connected to LightLink Phoenix Mainnet network. To make sure you have the right settings in place you can use Chainlist to connect your wallet.

Make sure that your wallet is the same one used by your Galxe profile if you are intending to complete the TRV x LL campaign.

Visit the TRV x LL website and click the "Log In" button in the top-right of the screen, and sign the message prompted from Metamask to authenticate your wallet.

Name your Barracks

Once you've signed in you can enter your barracks and customise your profile. Enter your discord name so we know who we are up against!
Get creative with your Barrack name and description.

Summon your champion

Access the Summon menu and then click "Summon", you'll be presented with the Summoning screen. Once you click Summon on this screen, you'll be presented with a selection of what character class you'd like to choose. Here is a quick breakdown of class attributes, for more information on classes see here.

After selecting your class you will then need to select the pair of champions from which yours will be summoned.

You will only be allowed to summon 1 champion per wallet. So choose your class and champions wisely!

Each champion that is minted is a soul-bound token, it is non-transferrable.

All champions to summon from will be of the same Genesis bloodline, each with very early Genotypes. To learn more about bloodlines and genotypes see here.

Enter the Arena

To enter the fray, click on "Tournaments" within the Play menu.

You will then be presented with a list of Tournaments available to join. There are two event types you can enter:

Watch your battle

To watch your champion in the heat of battle, click on the this prompt within the viewer:

To make sure you're watching your fight, click on the eye icon by the contest you are in.

Results and Prizes

The main event will take place from the 6 Nov 12AM UTC - 13 Nov 12AM UTC.

To access the leaderboards click on "Leaderboards" on the "Play" menu.

You can view the results via either Barracks or Champions. To view the leaderboard for a given day click on the "Custom" setting while selecting the timeframe:

Galxe Loyalty Points Prizes

We will also be awarding Galxe Loyalty Points to the prize winners for each day!

We wish you well as you enter the battleground!

Remember, the main event commences from 6 Nov 12AM UTC and will run until the 13 Nov 12AM UTC. USDT and Galxe Loyalty Point prizes will only be awarded for those at the top of the leaderboard on these dates.

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