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LightLink Migrates to a New Token Contract

LightLink is transitioning to a new token contract in preparation for our TGE. We appreciate the community's engagement with our older test contract, and to honor our early adopters, we will distribute equivalent LL tokens at the TGE to those who acquired test tokens.

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Several LightLink users have recently observed two distinct token contracts on Ethereum: an older version and a newer one.

The older contract was initially deployed for testing purposes. Subsequently, we introduced a new contract in anticipation of our Token Generation Event (TGE). This updated contract is now listed on Coingecko, and we have successfully migrated to it as one of the final steps before our TGE.

It appears that some users discovered the older contract and engaged in testing. While this was unexpected, we appreciate the enthusiasm of our community. A total of 89 users acquired test LL tokens from the corresponding liquidity pools. Although these tokens were intended to have no value, we are committed to ensuring that our early adopters do not incur any losses. To address this, we have taken a snapshot of the affected wallets, and at the TGE, we will distribute an equivalent amount of LL tokens to them.

We would like to emphasize that there is no need to replicate the actions of these 89 users. We will not be distributing additional tokens to individuals who uncover other contracts designated for testing purposes. Instead, we encourage our community to focus on Phase 2 and the forthcoming Phase 3 to accumulate points and qualify for the token drop. The TGE is approaching soon!

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