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TallyUP! Case Study: Using LightLink in Web3 Games

TallyUP! is one of the most popular games on LightLink, with over 1M downloads and 20M games played. Our blog post explores its success and how it uses LightLink’s Bolt plugin to enhance user experience.

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TallyUP! is one of the most popular games on LightLink, boasting over 1M downloads and 20M games played.

In this feature, we will explore what makes TallyUP! so successful and how it leverages LightLink’s Bolt plugin to enhance user experience.

What is TallyUP!?

TallyUP! is a collection of competitive multiplayer mini-games. It is free-to-play and allows players to win real prizes, which they can cash out via PayPal.

This mobile-only game simplifies registration as it does not require connecting a wallet, despite operating on the LightLink L2 network. We will explore this aspect further.

TallyUP! has gained popularity primarily due to its addictive gameplay and real prizes.

Gameplay Design of TallyUP!

Each mini-game is designed to be intransitive, resembling rock-paper-scissors. Players choose their actions from several options each round. Once decisions are made, the game executes these choices and displays the outcome. The first player to reach 10 points wins.

Key features of TallyUP!'s gameplay:

Player Rewards Mechanism in TallyUP!

Unlike typical mobile games that show ads, TallyUP! shares ad revenue with its players.

Players earn daily free prizes by simply engaging with the games. They can enter "Power Mode" to wager on their games against other betting players. Notably, players cannot deposit more money than they initially have, preventing gambling losses.

According to the TallyUP! team, players have earned over $1 million, accounting for 98% of the total ad revenue.

TallyUP! also supports tournaments with fixed prizes. We recently hosted a TallyUP! x LightLink Tournament with a $10,000 LL token prize pool.

TallyUP! uses LightLink's Bolt plugin to mint NFTs with game results, effectively using LightLink as a free, immutable, and transparent database for the game.

Bolt facilitates free and easy NFT minting for gaming and other projects through simple API calls and a single line of code integration.

TallyUP! mints between 50,000 to 100,000 tokens daily and has recently surpassed 8 million tokens minted. Each token records game details such as type, duration, end status, players’ nicknames, and scores.

TallyUP! uses these records to display in-game stats and various data without the risk of any of it being lost or hacked.


Web3 technologies are often seen merely as a way to introduce economic incentives or gambling into games. TallyUP! challenges this notion by enabling players to earn money without any investment, sharing its revenue, and using LightLink as core infrastructure.

We hope more game developers will consider integrating NFTs and tokens using our Bolt gaming plugin. Beyond storing records, it can be used for minting NFT achievements, tickets, in-game items, and more.

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