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LightLink Announces $6.2M in Funding from Extended Seed Round

Due to high demand, LightLink has extended its seed funding round, securing a total of $6.2M. Top Web3 VCs and individual investors led the round, drawn to our Ethereum Layer 2 solution with proprietary architecture and gasless transactions.

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We are thrilled to announce that LightLink has raised $6.2M in an extended seed funding round, due to high investor demand. Web3 venture capitalists MH Ventures and NxGen, along with individual investors ANBESSA, Eric Cryptoman, Lady of Crypto, Satoshi Stacker, That Martini Guy, Zoran Kole, and dozens more have joined in. Notable initial round investors include B3V, Blue7, and T&B Media Global.

LightLink's mission is to drive mass adoption to Web3 with unmatched scalability and a streamlined user experience. Our novel Enterprise Mode enables businesses to operate gas-free, allowing users on their platforms to engage in a secure, user-friendly blockchain network without transaction fees, barriers to entry, or the need for any tokens.

Roy Hui, our Co-Founder and CEO, has a clear vision for LightLink:

Our mission at LightLink is to make blockchain practical and accessible. This investment will help us continue building a Web3 ecosystem for millions of users from our enterprise partners and enhance our proprietary technology for gasless transactions.

Kamran Iqbal, Co-Founder of MH Ventures, shares his confidence in LightLink's future:

It is clear to us that the next stage of blockchain innovation will be centered on simplifying how users interact with dApps and eliminating the cost barrier for individuals that are new to the space. LightLink is at the tip of the spear when it comes to providing gasless transactions to the market, and we are incredibly excited to help support the team to build the next generation of DeFi projects.

LightLink has made significant strides in infrastructure development by integrating Celestia as a Data Availability layer, expanding its proprietary stack, and becoming the first Optimium L2 to be listed on L2Beat.

Now, LightLink is gearing up for token distribution through Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on Fjord Foundry. LightLink is set to leverage over 25 strategic partnerships, including one with Animoca Brands, to offer instant gasless transactions and scalable infrastructure to all interested projects.

The additional funding secured by LightLink validates our approach to seamlessly integrating millions into the digital economy through user-focused dApps and enterprise partnerships, making blockchain as intuitive and accessible as Web2, without the complexity of gas fees and protocols.

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