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LightLink Early Adopters: Spotlight on Swan, TradFi Web3 Enthusiast

Following our conversation with JAVI, the airdrop leaderboard winner, we continue our series by highlighting another active community member and ecosystem collaborator.

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LightLink Community Airdrop Phase 1 attracted over 50,000 enthusiasts eager to explore and engage with LightLink from its early days. A select few community members amassed the most points, securing top spots on the leaderboard.

In our ongoing series of interviews, we spotlight Swan, who ranked 5th on the leaderboard and collaborated with one of our ecosystem projects afterward, following our previous discussion with JAVI, the airdrop winner.

Swan: From TradFi to Web3

Swan's journey began in traditional finance, where he first encountered crypto through his job. His curiosity led him to evaluate whether cryptocurrencies could become part of his firm's investment portfolio.

I have always been a bit of a tech enthusiast. Ethereum and EVM captivated me, and I continued to delve into blockchain technology.

Despite his company's withdrawal from crypto during the bear market, Swan remained committed. 

Airdrop Exploration to Ecosystem Participation

Swan was selective in his airdrop participation, choosing only 4-6 projects that he found technically intriguing.

He discovered projects on Twitter and conducted further research if they seemed promising. LightLink caught his attention with its enterprise-focused approach and innovative features like gasless transactions via Enterprise Mode. 

This led him to fully engage with the ecosystem, and he now even collaborates with Amped Finance on LightLink.

For me, the joy comes from being part of a blockchain community, and LightLink is my choice. While the airdrop is no longer my main focus, I will still participate in the ecosystem.

Post-TGE, Swan plans to join the LightLink validator program and provide liquidity to both Amped Finance and LL staking.

Advice for Newcomers

Swan offers some tips for those new to the space:

Half-jokingly, set your gas to zero and meticulously follow the guides to navigate the Metamask issue. Before reaching out to the team, try to find answers on Discord.
More seriously, LightLink is a young project brimming with opportunities. Do not just focus on the airdrop. Explore the entire ecosystem and its potential.

More Community Interviews Coming Soon

The LightLink team is delighted to see passionate evangelists like Swan who share our vision of addressing real-world challenges with gasless transactions.

We greatly value our community's support and will continue sharing these interviews to better connect with you!

Read our previous interview with leaderboard leader JAVI and stay tuned for more insights from our community members.

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